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Star Trek Online, Season 14

With Star Trek Las Vegas upon us, STO has announced some really interesting stuff coming down the pike, including captain Georgi LaForge, revamped Galaxy-class ships, and TNG Skants! I think that last one made me smile uncontrollably ;-)  The Lukari and the Kentari seem to be kissing and making up for past aggression, and the Jem Hadar are back! When I saw the trailer (below) yesterday I expected them to open fire on DS9, but I think that's the bait and switch.  Given that the True Way was already an enemy in a previous season, I think this is an opportunity for new allies.  I'd go so far as to saw a new faction, but seeing how it's coming Summer 2018, that might clash with the summer event. The one thing I wish STO would do is make seasons annual.  STO debuted in March 2010, so it hasn't been 14 years yet.  Maybe summer of 2018 we can have a Windows-style renumbering ;-)

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