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Weekend Technology WINs and FAILs

Well, this past weekend I drop up to NH to visit my brother. The one time I wanted music on my iPhone (or iPod) and I didn't have it due to the whole "update ate my music" thing. I luckily had pandora,, slacker and a few downloaded podcasts that I could use!  Driving up I noticed a few WINs in the iPhone/iOS 4 combo, as well as some FAILs.

First off, is a major fail!  I was hoping that with the iOS update for their iPhone App that they had that they would have enabled background playback - not!  I started and when I switched to Google Maps to see where I was going, the music stopped - FAIL

Luckily Pandora came to the rescue!  Background Playback of music (listened to some music I never had heard before - broadened my musical horizons!) and Google Maps with GPS - Major WIN for Pandora!

One other thing I noticed was batter life.  When I left home I had 100% battery and I plugged my phone into power when I got to the car.  After 90 minutes driving, with both pandora and google maps (with GPS), my batter had gone down to 80%.  What?  But I am plugged in!  Don't you suck enough juice from the power adapter to keep you at 100%? - FAIL!

I've also started using MediaFly this past weekend - more on this as the demo progresses.
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