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Adieu Yahoo Messager...for good this time?

Yahoo Messager "classic", the service that existed when I was in high school and college has been defunct for a little while now, but Yahoo! decided to reinvent itself in the messaging app business by revamping...or rather starting a new service and a new app and calling that yahoo messenger.  This also included Yahoo's own version of a two factor authenticator which I actually rather liked.

Today, however, I saw an announcement on TechCrunch that Yahoo Messenger is being retired.  The only other app that does authentication for yahoo is Flickr (which works on my tablet but not on my phone oddly enough...), and with Flickr sold off I guess it's a matter of time before that also stops working. For now I switched my two-factor to SMS, because my preferred solutions (authy, google authenticatory, microsoft authenticator) are not supported.  I do wonder if in the next five years Yahoo will be no more at all.   So, with this, I bid you adieu yahoo messenger.  We had some good times, you and I, and all the friends we chatter with. See you in the great cloud above!

The notice on yahoo's page:

Yahoo Messenger will be discontinued

Yahoo Messenger will no longer be supported after July 17, 2018. Until then, you can continue to use the service normally. After July 17, you'll no longer be able to access your chats and the service will no longer work. Read our FAQs below for more info on what this means for you.
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