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Amiga needs Intel(igence)

I've been thinking of the OS space lately and I thought of the poorly supported AmigaOS. Yes my friends, AmigaOS still exists, and it is still mismanaged! So what does the Amiga holding company need to do? It's quite simple - get off the PowerPC platform and get on with Intel already!!!

Now at home I've got a Mac Mini. On this Mac Mini I've got MacOS 10.5. I also have Parallels and Windows Vista installed (I know, I am crazy). On this Mini I can also play around with BeOS, and various linuxes and BSDs. Thinking of the OS space, there are three serious contenders for our desktops.

1. Apple with MacOS X
2. Microsoft with Windows Vista (and soonish Windows 7)
3. Linux (with Ubuntu being my personal preference)

Amiga still develops an OS. Amiga still puts effort and innovation into the OS. The OS doesn't run on hardware commonly available to consumers and businesses. Thus the OS will not be used. Here's some food for thought.

1. Port AmigaOS 4 to Intel.

2. Create a 'classic' layer that uses common graphics cards and the powerful multicore processesors we've got in our machines these days to dot JIT translation of special chip code and motorola 68k code to have older apps run on new machines.

3. Create a VMware/Parallels easy install for people on Windows and Macs to easily try out your product and to easily have it as a second environment!

4. Make it consumer friendly, not geek friendly (but keep us geeks in mind)

Amiga needs to finally make a comeback!
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