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Too Human | Done

Wow! That was such a short game! This past weekend I had an opportunity to continue on with Too Human and compete the game. OK, "complete" may not be the word here (considering that people who "complete the game might go through every nook and crannie of the game to collected everything the game has to offer) but I did get to the end, beat the final boss and saw the final cinematic sequence.

While I did only get 23 of the 50 achievements of the game, I did finish the game in about 13 hours. Online I saw estimates of at least 15 hours to complete the game, so I guess I was speedier ;-). I did get to level up my Beserker to level 27 which was higher than I thought I would get him. I also did get enough loot to be able to manufacture my own special items.

All things considered, this was a pretty nifty game. I enjoyed the Asgardian/Norse mythology of the game, as well as the distopian/cyber-enhancement aspects which made it both interesting and creepy. I did choose to have my berserker remain human and not to have any cyber implants (I wonder if that changed the game story at all). By the time I was done, I was ready to start-a-new. Starting as a level 27 from the beginning makes things so much easier ;-). With other games to finish however, too human goes back on the shelf until those other games are played and completed.

I am looking forward to Too Human 2, if it ever comes out.

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