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Halo: CE | complete

This last weekend I went through and I really spent some time with the anniversary edition of Halo: Combat Evolved. I really wanted to finish the story arc and start Halo 2 (which amazingly seems to run without any issues on the Xbox 360).  The story of Halo seemed quite interesting, and (much to my annoyance) the final sequence was one where you had to drive a warthog (which I hate driving) with a finite amount of time before the whole thing blows up.  It reminds me, a lot, of the final sequence in Halo 3. If Halo 2 ends with a final sequence that is driving...well, I won't be  a happy camper :-)

Achievements-wise, somewhat on the low end. I only got 16 out of 44.  M'eh, I don't feel like playing it again, on hard to get them all. I enjoyed the game enough on the first try.  I do, however, wonder, where the heck the terminals are!  This whole idea of the terminal reminds me a lot of Marathon on the Mac, and I wanted to find them to get the back story a bit more, but I just stumbled upon one lonely terminal (and one skull). I do wonder where they hide them :-/  Hmmm... next up, Halo 2? or L.A. Noire? Or finally finish Castlevania: Lord of Shadows before the new one comes up?
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