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Observations of online classes

Well, this is the end of my second week of online classes. Thus far things seem to be going well, I enjoy the forum interactions with my classmates, but not having that face to face contact, sometimes I get the sense that some of my classmates are a-holes. They probably aren’t, but when you just read text, you tend to read into things, and often your mood at the time you are reading what they wrote colors your perception of what is written. If for example you are tired, and therefore irritable, chances are that you will have a more negative view of what is written compared to when you are rested.

The one thing that I don’t like as much with online classes is that the class materials are released one week at a time, which means that I don’t have the opportunity to do what I normally do: front load the semester with all the reading, and most of the assignments, and then cruise through the last quarter of the semester with just maintenance work.
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