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Azure Avenger

This past weekend in Star Trek Online the Azure Nebula  queue was the featured queue for group missions, which meant this was a good opportunity to earn an accolade that I haven't been able to get since I started going on the accolade hunt (mostly because people weren't queuing up for the Azure Nebula mission)

In this mission... (from the STO wiki):

After the briefing, the team will have twelve minutes to rescue as many ships as possible by disabling the tractor beams holding them. T'liss Light Warbirds will reward 1 point, Dhelan Warbirds 2, Ha'apax Advanced Warbirds 3, and Falchion Dreadnoughts 5. The number and type of Tholian ships guarding each Romulan vessel varies depending on its type, and the number of Romulan Marks and Fleet Marks rewarded depends on the number of points collected by the team.
 Along with the medal and the Azure Defender accolade (worth 10 points), I got the title "Azure Avenger" (only had to rescue 30 a couple of playthroughs) to earn, since I had already started this back when the Legacy of Romulus expansion came out (many...many...many moons ago)

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