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[Defiance]: The road to Sausolito

I've been geeking out a bit on Defiance these past couple of weeks and focusing on getting the main missions completed before moving onto more episode-based missions.  I am currently at an EGO rating of 292; pretty meager when you consider that the max EGO rating is around 6000, but anyway.

Thus far I've completed the Mount Tam missions, where the main antagonists seem to be mutants of various sorts (human mutants and hellbugs).  That terraforming (or was it just arktech gone wrong? I forget) really did wreak some havoc on planet Earth! I've made my way through the Madera missions where the main enemies seemed to be the Raiders (whose outfits remind me a bit of the cover art for Borderlands), and finally I am at the last stage of the Marin story arc which, once complete, will have me at 60% completion of the main story (at least thus far).  The main enemies in the Marin arc are miners that have been enhanced by nanotech implants (and have gone crazy or evil or something). I guess in the world of Defiance everyone is just looking out for their own self interest ;-)

I am currently stuck on the final boss for the Marin arc who answers to the name Jackleg Joe. This uber-miner has a piece of ark-tech that I (and Von Bach) are after, so I guess I need to get to it to progress in the story.  This boss battle seems to be quite the challenge as my usual tactics don't work.  Up to now my main method of attack has been inspired by Grand Theft Auto: get in my vehicle and run over any bugs, mutants, or cyborgs.  Seeing as this is indoors my car refuses to spawn.  My secondary approach, a combination of a grenade launcher and a sniper rifle also don't work well due to the close quarters in the inside.  The grenade launcher is fine, actually, but the cyborgs (aka "jackleg's minions") seem to have a high level of regenerative shielding which requires a lot of simultaneous, point-blank, grenades to go off.  Despite this, I've managed to get several waves into the boss fight, but not that far enough that I get him to come down and face me himself.

In other stages the saving grace is that someone else can jump in on the same mission as you while you're in the middle of the mission and give you a hand.  This doesn't seem to be the case with environments inside, and I am not part of a league.  One thing I've noticed is that the people who've been able to beat this boss are at least EGO level 400, so I may just have to go grind elsewhere (perhaps in some arkfall events) to be able to get enough experience and hit-points to beat this stage. Argh...

The game thus far has been enjoyable. The two biggest issues for me are the choppyness of the video at times, and the fact that there is a serious glitch with climbing ladders.  It seems like ladders are magic warp-zones - as you climb the ladder you start getting displaced on the x-axis, which means that you can get "thrown" away from your target. #facepalm.  This means that I've had to find different ways of getting up tall structures that don't require ladders, or wait for other players who want to play in that zone to be able to make progress.

I wonder how long it will take me to get past Jackleg Joe.  Anyone else play this game?  Thoughts?
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