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Still haven't found a good Reader replacement

Reeder for iPad
Damn you Google! :)

Since Google announced that they will be shutting down Google Reader I've been looking around for a Google Reader replacement, and I've been coming up almost flat.  When Google got rid of the "share item" sharing option, which gave you your own RSS page, it didn't really have much of an impact on me.  Sure, I wouldn't be able to see what my contacts shared, but since I had their RSS pages, I could subscribe to their Shared Pages - and, since I used "Perfect RSS" on my iPad, it meant that I could still post to my shared items page!  yay! Fighting the system!

While this did mean that I couldn't use the web version of Reader any longer, I could just use my iPhone and iPad, read my feeds, share on twitter whatever was twitter-worthy, and share everything else on my shared items page! OK, so the end of Google Reader means I can't do that any more.  So, I downloaded my OPML for safe keeping and I have tried using Old Reader.  Don't get me wrong, I really like the old reader, and it gives me back that shared page, and I can follow people again like I used to!  yay! Only one problem...I need to have access to it via offline mobile as well...and it doesn't do that! (at least yet).

The Old Reader

I tried feedly, but it fills a gap that's really filled by flipboard for me, so I don't really see myself using it.   If it had a share page, like the old reader does, then I would consider it. It also doesn't have many sharing options.

I did download Reeder, now that it is free, to try it out.  I like the interface, I like the sharing options, but it still doesn't have the share item option. Well, I decided, for a week, to try sharing everything on my delicious account.  I stopped using social bookmarking because I think I have outgrown social bookmarking.  What I need, I can google, or just remember because I go there often.  Social bookmarking was nice in the past, but since URLs change and sites go dead, it didn't really serve much purpose for me - but that was in the past. In its new function, I decided to try and see if I could share my shared items there.  This could work, but it's more laborious than just clicking a share button.  I have to copy the first paragraph of text in any given article, and paste it as a description when posting to delicious (if I want to have meaningful information about the link), and some picture blogs that I subscribe to, have no text...which is a major pain...

what have you found as replacements?  An for me, I don't care that the old reader is "an inbox view" I like the inbox view, and I can always choose to not read something.  I don't find the river of information conducive to my own information seeking needs.

My looming question: how the heck can I save my shared items page from Google Reader? I don't want to lose all those shared items from years of sharing :-/
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