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Defiance | Dark Metamorphosis

Hey!  There is a defiance update! Woohoo!  This past weekend I downloaded an update to defiance - which was surprisingly small (my weekly STO patches seem quite huge in comparison).  The Trion team released a short season update with the release of season 4: Dark Metamorphosis. This update brings us five new missions for our Arc hunters. Now that Nim Shodu has been defeated (hahaha!  Still haven't been able to beat that mission!)  there is a power vacuum and the Votanis faction he was leading is now split in two.  One of the factions, the New Votanis Front (NVF) is experimenting with some mutated life forms, the Shrill (as if hellbugs weren't enough).

I played most of the missions this past weekend.  Most of them were a bit short, especially since other players joined in for the first four and we were able to get through them pretty quickly (made time for playing some arcfalls!)  The enemies (NVF) have new Shrill-based weaponry which gives them a yellow-green glow, but other than that they look pretty much like votan forces.  The machine gun wasn't really that effective with these enemies so I decided to try out the shotgun - specifically one that I got from an arcfall just that same day.  I modded the thing out a bit - I forget the specifics, but I think I made it more stable and gave it a higher capacity magazine.  In close quarters that shotgun is pretty amazing (wondering how I've lived without it thus far!)  I am wondering if I can mod it to have more than 12 shotgun shells in it at any given time... this would help with taking down the NVF enforcers without needing to reload.

All things considered, I made it to the final stage, which takes me to Monterrey.  I've yet to beat that stage yet.  There are a ton of NVF solders around, and unless I want to spend several hours clearing the entire map of all enemy NPCs, I'm sort of stuck.  I did manage to speedrun though some of it, but there were just too many enemies in-doors to collect the mutation data I needed at the end.  I guess I need to find a clan or a group to help me clear this one out (and perhaps also Nim Shondu...)

All in all not a bad expansion.  I managed to get my character to 880 EGO...wondering how much more grinding to 1000.
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