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Red Ringed! (or Red Rung?)

Well, I guess the inevitable happened last night.  I powered up my xbox 360, put in Alone in the Dark (I am close to the end, so I decided to just keep going) and the unit froze a few second into the game.  It has been freezing the past few days but it kept coming back. In any case. I turned it off, turned it back on again, and this time it froze on the xbox bootup screen... Turned it off and on again (like the IT crowd recommends lol) and this time around, no bootup image and red lights...oh f*ck....

Initially it seemed like four lights were on, so I unplugged the AV cable and power, re-plugged in and turned it on and nothing was coming up again...oh well.  This xbox had seen a good life, two (or so) years with me, and another so many (or more) with my friend Rob.  Luckily Black Friday looks like there are a few xbox deals around.  The main question is whether or not to get the kinect bundle.  I've only seen one game demoed (Michael Jackson's game) and I am not that much into dancing games or exercise games...although I could potentially get into them lol

Are there any other kinect games that are compelling? what do you kinect users think about it?
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