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Prince of Persian :: Completed! [Spoilers]

This past weekend I ended up finishing Prince of Persia for the xbox 360.  I remember playing my first Prince of Persia game on my godmother's 286 running DOS 3 (I think) and Windows 3 for workgroups (wow!).  Back then, as this time around, I ended up killing the prince countless times! It's a good thing that I had Elika around (this time) to save me from myself.

When I got Prince of Persia: revelations for the PSP a few years back, I expected the game to be kinda like God of War. When it wasn't I was a bit frustrated with the game. This time around, having read a few reviews, I contrasted my PSP version of Prince of Persia to the original and I realized that yes indeed, it's not a hack-n-slash game, but rather it's an environmental based puzzle game, with a few fights thrown in.

One of the criticisms of the game (the xbox Prince of Persia) was that Elika made the game too easy by saving you every time you fall to your doom.  Well, this being a Prince of Persia game, and having lept to my doom more than a few hundred  times, I prefer having someone save me as I leap to my doom, rather than have a splash of blood on my screen that says "you died, try again?" (which is what the PSP version does). The "You died, try again?" really cuts into game play in a negative way, and it is a bit demoralizing.

The ending was a bit of a disappointment.  I played the game, healed all the lands, took care of the four henchmen of the evil God and I imprisoned him back in his cage. That's all great, but in the end Elika dies. Since the credits were rolling I thought that was the end of the game and I was quite content with it. I figured that you can't just go through something like that and make it out alive in the end (especially since she was dead and resurrected - which caused the deadening of the lands to begin with!).  It turns out that there was more!  I had to chop down the trees that kept the evil God at bay to resurrect Elika thus freeing him from prison.

Errr..excuse me, but why did I go through ALL THAT just to have this evil God free again? This was a major facepalm moment! Of course, there is the Epilogue DLC that I can download and really finish off the story, but there is just something wrong with that... Oh well!

All things considered, it was quite a fun game.
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