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Star Trek Online | progress update

Last weekend I spent some time playing Star Trek Online with the intent of getting promoted to Lieutenant Commander, and getting a new ship.  I had my eyes set on a new Excelsior class starship, but through bad clicking (and maybe some glitchyness?) I was given a Constitution class starship. OK, not a big deal, the main thing is that I now have an additional photon torpedo tube that I can use to deal more damage ;-)

The one thing that got me thinking, last weekend while playing, is how people form alliances on such MMO games.  Now, in the good ol' days, when I spent a lot of time on Yahoo Chat to meet fellow Greeks and have a virtual kafeneio, the reason you went to a chat room was to chat, and meet people.  In an MMO the goal is play, and at least for me leveling up and getting new ships (Defiant, I've got my eyes on you!).  While playing, I was asked by a couple of people (while on a Starbase near Earth) to join their alliance, and while flying through deep space on a mission, some other random person wanted to be my friend. I declined all invitations since I don't get on frequently enough to participate in any group play. Plus, I do like to go out on my own path.

Now, if I were playing STO with a bunch of people I already knew, it makes sense to get in an alliance with them for those pesky hard battles; like a Borg battle, that was theoretically appropriate for my level, but ended up getting my ship destroyed multiple times - good thing I don't start from scratch when that happens. But, I am wondering where the need comes from to seek out strangers to befriend and form alliances.

Any ideas? anyone? :-)
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