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There is more than one way to skin an iPhone

OK, bad pun!  With my recent jailbreaking I decided to have a look at Winterboard and themes (aka skinning) on the iPhone.  Back in the days of System 7.5 (all the way up to MacOS 9) there was a shareware program called Kaleidoscope that allowed you to change icons, windows, buttons and other UI elements of the MacOS.  Copland, the original MacOS 8 that was never released was supposed to have built-in OS level support for themes, but that never saw the light of day - but MacOS 8 did have a "themes" folder in the system folder and if you could get your hands on the two non-platinum themes they would run!

In any case, I digress.  I spent some time going over theme websites for winterboard on the iPhone and I have to say that most themes stink!  I am a pretty picky theme user, even back in the days of Kaleidoscope, so it did not surprise me that I didn't like much.  Buuf was the theme I settled on (until better themes come along).  The one bummer about themes, and the way they replace icons, is that it appears that they look at the English text for the application and they replace the old icon with the theme icon by looking for the English name.  

Using Buuf, none of my stock apps (with the exception of iPod) have changed icons because everything is in Greek!  Therefore, I end up using the standard message, photos, maps, telephone and settings icons. Oh Well.

Now if there were a Newton based theme that replaced backgrounds, colors and icons to that of the NewtonOS 2.1, that would be cool.  Perhaps it's something to undertake in January when I am done with grad studies :-)
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