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Legion - Good, but has tons of holes...

This past weekend I took the opportunity to watch Legion. I must admit that I was pretty psyched about the movie...until I saw it. Don't get me wrong, the cinematics, the costumes, the acting, the people, the effects were all awesome! It was a great movie in that sense! Where it broke down for me was the plot: there wasn't enough back-story to this movie.

Essentially what happens is that God is pissed off at (or disappointed in) humanity and he sends his Angels down to exterminate the humans (I guess we're going back to an Old Testament God). In any case, Michael decides to give God what he needs - i.e. go against his wishes and try to save this unborn bastard child who is somewhow mankind's savior, and Gabriel decides to give God what he asked for - i.e. kill every single one of us.

This movie was like from Dust to Dawn, remixed with the Terminator, remixed with Supernatural. What could have made this movie better? Why is God mad? What have the humans done? (well, what haven't we done is more of a question), why is Michael disobeying? Who is this baby destined to be? At least with the Terminator we know why John Connor needs to be born - what is this kid's destiny?

All things considered, it was a good action packed movie.
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