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Resident evil, all wrapped up

This past weekend I took the opportunity to wrap up the resident evil movie collection and saw Resident Evil: Retribution, and Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.  I had seen Resident Evil: Afterlife in the theaters in 2010, but I had been putting off the rest.  All movies pick up from another another (well, at least the last three did), so I think they are better seen consecutively :-).

Resident Evil: Retribution picks up from Afterlife. Retribution is really an attack of the clones movie.  An underground Umbrella facility with different towns  built to simulate real cities across the world, where Umbrella simulated the outbreak of the T-Virus. Alice needs to escape from here and save the world (or move on to the next movie to save the world).

The final chapter is final chapter-ish.  We finally find out who Alice is.  Remember the little girl at the end of the first movie? (it was the first movie, right?)  The one whose father developed the T-Virus for in order to fight her progeria?  Well, Alice is her clone, but cured of progeria.  That's why she has no memories of her childhood.  Alice is the woman (or a version of anyway) of who that little girl would have grown up to be. And the psychopathic computer program known as the Red Queen?  Well, that's the little girl also, or at least it was made in her image.  At the end, the little girl (who looks like an older woman at the end) takes down the facility, helps Alive escape with the cure to the T-Virus, and gives her a copy of her memories.  Now Alice is complete (well, as complete as you can be in post-apocalypse).  The cure is airborne, so it starts killing the resident evil zombies and mutants right away. But because it's airborne it will take a while to make its way throughout the planet.  Until then, Alice will keep slaying the remaining beasts - the end.

Retribution was a 6/10 (maybe 7/10), and The Final Chapter was an 8/10 for me.  I liked the ending. It felt like it was nicely wrapped up.  Now that it's done, I don't think there is a need for a reboot (not for another 20-30 years anyway).  I guess now it's time to go see the CG movies I've missed ;-)
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