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Ungraded homework?

I've got a class where homework is really optional. You can do it an hand it in, if you want, but if you do not there is no consequence.
The rationale is this: you learn the materials by dissecting the problems in the book, and doing them yourself. Therefore, doing them and handing them in gives you the ability to practice, and free feedback from me (the professor).
I've done the first few homework 'assignments' and handed them in. However as the semester is progressing and I have more work to do, I am questioning the whole do them, if you want, and hand them in. Honestly I am tempted to not do them now, but do them later, before the exam, with solutions to them on hand, so I can practice for the exam. I think I will be the only person doing this which would single me out. To do the homework (now)...or not to do the homework (now).... that is the question!
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