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Adieu (old) Microsoft Education

I don't often write on this blog about educational services and edtech stuff, but since I've started the Adieu series here, I might as well post here.  Microsoft has offered free online training for educators. Of course, most of the training is on how you can use their products and services for teaching, so it's a bit infomercial-y at times, but it's good nevertheless.  The old site looked a bit like a social network profile where you could display the learning badges you've earned, as well as marks of distinction; each workshop is worth a certain amount of points, and if you earn over a certain number of points you can be a Microsoft Innovation Expert.  I am not sure if that counts for anything, but I've earned that.

Most of the old training is built with Microsoft Sway.  I am not sure if they are fading that out or not. There is a new site where things are migrating to, but it looks like the old training material is being retooled to not use sway (or at least not use the existing look of sway) - which admittedly did seem to have some issues are MCQ assessements.

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