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Battlefield 3 | Done

Once I finished off Max Payne 3, I dove deeply into another game of a similar genre, Battlefield 3.  The campaign side of the game (which is basically what I play since I am not a networked player for most things) was rather short comparative to other games, but if I were to compare the game to games of the same genre (such as the previous two Battlefield games I played and the Call of Duty games I've played thus far).

In the game you take on the persona of Sgt Blackburn, who is running (away from something?), seeing a train and jumping off a bridge onto the train. Boards it, and starts taking out enemies (terrorists?).  Wait. How did we get here?  Oh comes the where did I see this used before?  That's right, the last game I played...

Anyway, most of the game is a flashback from Blackburn's perspective, as you play the missions that he is narrating to his captors (the FBI?) about what went down in the various places he's fought against the PLR (fictional no-good organization out of Iran). For some of the game you also play the Russian side of things, basically Blackburn's equivalent also trying to stop nukes from being detonated in major cities of the west.  The game has a mix of ground/street combat, tank combat, and airplane combat. It's mostly ground, with other vehicles sprinkled on top.  Overall not a bad game, it was sort of like watching an interactive action movie.

As I've played more and more xbox games over the years I haven't focuses as much on obtaining achievements.  I ended up with 11 achievements (or 14% of the total).  Maybe some of them I can earn on a replay at some point down the road, in the far, far future ;-)

Overall the game was an 8/10 for me.  Good campaign, with a story that kept you engaged.

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