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Adieu, SpringPad

SpringPad logo

Well, another nice online, and free, service is biting the dust. In about 20 days the online notepad, SpringPad, is closing its doors. I was introduced to the services three years ago through a work colleague and I have to say that I've used SpringPad exclusively for all work related note taking. While I do use Evernote for all of my personal notes (teaching, class work, homework, professional reminders, and so on), I really did like SpringPad's workflow for creating new notes, for accessing notebooks, the editing functions and so on. The UI design on the ipad app for SpringPad also made it quite use when attending those work meetings (director's meetings and faculty meetings) where some note taking is always a good idea.

I am wondering if some entrepreneurial individual can take the visual, and UI, language of the ipad app for SpringPad, tie that into Dropbox storage/backup capabilities and bring back SpringPad 2.0 :)



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