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In search of a Doctorate (Part 1)

When I was in High School, I knew that going to college was expected of me.
I did not really think twice about it. There were two topics that really interested me
1) Computers (and computer science)
2) Anatomy and Physiology (or how the human body works)

When I was in the process of completing my undergrad degree, I decided to just focus on computer science, since going for a medical degree seemed like such a drag (so many years of this, then so many years of that, then add in some of the other thing... I will be 40 by the time I am done!)

I had a lukewarm reception for the computer science program where I went. It was focused too much on the math of it all, and not so much on the "getting things done" aspect. After some reflection I thought to myself that I was probably in the wrong program (!) There is such a thing as Applied Computer Science and Theoretical Computer Science, and I was stuck in the theoretical! Of course by that time, I was nearly done, so I stuck the course and got my Bachelor's in Computer Science. Despite the feeling of Pulling-Teeth that I had, I really did learn a lot from the program.

The classes that I really really enjoyed were Databases and User Interface Design.
Then came graduation time! Of course I did not think that I would be going on for a Master's but fortune had smiled on me, and I was able to pursue a Master's. Should i go for computer science? It would be like pulling teeth, but I would be continuing on with something that I started in my Bachelor's. I decided that computer science, at this specific institution, would not be for me given the curriculum, and I think that back then I needed a break from the theoretical aspect of computer science.

So... what to do?

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