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Discovered a bug in Mozilla's Open Backpack!

I've been using many beta software titles for a while, and I've also been a volunteer beta tester for software that I like in the past, but I've never actually come across an actual bug!  Well, this is all about to change this morning!  In the past couple of days I've been messing around with Open Backpack. Sure, I had an account before, and I received a badge for completing the #BonkOpen MOOC, but I didn't think I would need to use the backpack this soon.

I am currently in the BlendKit 2012 MOOC, at much to my surprise, and delight, I was awarded 2 badges a couple days ago.

Email notification of badge. Notice my email in the URL (click to enlarge)

In any case, happy to see that I got a badge, I clicked on the link to claim it. I logged into my open backpack account and I clicked on the "Cool, Let's go" button to add it into my account (confirming, of course, that it was indeed my backpack account I was in...)

OK, Cool! Let's go! Add that badge!

Then...Oh oh (queue in ICQ sound clip)! Error! Open Backpack claims that my email isn't my email! Now, it could be the capitalization that's an issue (it shouldn't), but I have found no way to change my email on OpenBackpack to change the capitalization.

That said, I tried changing the URL (and changing the capitalization of my email)...and...crazy thing is that it worked! wow! It actually worked! I know that the URL is just passing some arguments to open backpack...but this, in a sense, seems like a security flaw.

Your thoughts?
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