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Alone in the dark: the bad camera work!

The next game I decided to tackle Alone in the Dark. I guess a sense of nostalgia was the main cultprit for this decision having played the original Alone in the Dark on my Performa 635CD! Having not played Alone in the Dark 2 and Alone in the Dark 3 I found myself a little lost in the beginning, but who cares? I think that the story will probably explain itself once it gets underway.

The main problem with this game is control of the character (whatever the heck his name is) and camera control (or lack thereof).  I can switch between first person and third person view (for some things anyway), but it's really hard to not get dizzy while playing this game.  I guess this game necessitates being more awake and more patient.  I've often found myself just putting the game down  for the evening because the camera angles and janky control scheme is just frustrating.  In comparison Halo 3 and Quantum of Solace were much easier to pick up and play when you were a bit tired and got you into the action in a much more pleasant way.

More thoughts about this game to come as I play more...
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