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Presentations (aka practice makes perfect)

I know that some people are just not meant to be public speakers, but placing what you have to say verbatim, on a powerpoint slide is not a presentation!
I felt sorry for some of the people that presented last night. No one is perfect, but the slides were really the slides from hell.
You needed a microscope to view the text from the back row and what what on the slide was what the presenter actually said!
I told me team-mates that presented with me last night that it was not polite to critique the other group's presentation while they were presenting (or while preparing for it) - no need to add extra pressure.

If you do happen to stumble on this blogpost, don't take it the wrong way! This is a positive critique!

Check out Presentation Zen - 'cause it's just so darn useful!

Also this is good: information about visuals

And remember: you do not want your presentation to look like this:
[clutter of bill]

Your message just gets lost in the clutter :-)
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