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Black Ops II | Done

I am starting to like to Call of Duty franchise :-) I have not played their World War II games, mostly because I don't like that era for this type of game, but who knows, once I am done with whatever I can play on my xbox 360 from this series, I might go back and revisit the first 3 CoD games (plus world at war), which take place in WWII.

Anyway,  In Call of Duty Black Ops II story is told partly "today" - which in the game it's 2025 - where you have a new team of elite black ops folks fighting a guy called Raul Menendez.  The present time aspects include futuristic weaponry and updated military uniforms.  My personal favorite are the uniforms which make you invisible by refracting light off you ;-)   You also play as David Mason, the son of the protagonist of the first Black Ops. The story is also told in part as a flashback. In the game you talk to an elderly Frank Woods (from the original Black ops) who looks to be in some sort of care facility.  The root of the troubles caused now by Menendez actually goes back to when Woods and Mason (senior) were active, and when they killed - by mistake - Menendez's sister - which made him unhinged and was probably the major factor in his war against the capitalist west. In the game we find out that Mason (senior) dies and Mason's son is raised by Frank Woods, hence accounting for the familiar relationship these two characters seem to have.  

As a game, just like other CoD games I've played, it feels very much like a movie that you have certain control over.  In this instance the game felt "short".  However, if you take a moment to really think about how this story unfolds, you get some interesting moral dilemmas and points of conversation.

The game has multiple endings, depending on what some of your actions are in the game.  I was not successful in saving the hacker in the Menendez's computer virus takes its toll on IT systems around the globe.  I also managed to kill Mason senior (which apparently I could wound him as well) when I played as Frank Woods...and that's why David was an orphan.  Well, I guess if I had opted to wound him he would have been around at the end of the game.  Argh...  I also saved Raul in the end. I didn't want to just kill him.  He ends up escaping custody and goes and kills Frank Woods...and then kills himself in a most gruesome manner at his sister's grave.  Yes.  This ending was one serious WTF!

In terms of achievements,  I earned 17/90 (16%) which is one more achievement than I got in the original Black Ops.  It was a fun game, and maybe I'll go back later and hunt for more achievements.  For now, I'll let this game be.  Too bad that in order to play the next one I need an xbox one.  I think I'll wait one more year to finish up the coursework for my EdD before I dive into a new console.
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