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Publons Year end Review.

The other day Publons, a service in which people can get credit for performing peer reviews for academic journal articles, sent me a link to my year-end-review.  Just like other year-end-reviews, I don't really treat it as a report card, but rather  as a "huh!, ain't that interesting!".  I think the old saying of you get out of something what you put into it is quite true with these end-of-year dashboards.  For example it's telling me that my average review of an academic article is 0 words, but that's only because I don't post my reviews in the Publons system, rather I send them to the authors and the editors within the journal management system. If there were an integration there, it'd be easier to get my averages ;-)  Still, it's interesting to see some data about my an aspect of my scholarly activity this past year,

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