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Blackboard buys iPhone App company, product still stinks

Inside Higher Ed had this article recently on BlackBoard (the makers of the 'popular' learning management system by the same name) buying an iPhone application company.

Needless to say I was really excited about the news (prior to reading the article) because the BlackBoard application that they already have only supports their newer product and my campus uses BlackBoard Vista (no relation to Windows). If I want to access blackboard I can do so in Safari, but the interface is horrific on a mobile screen. It works on a Nokia N800 but not on the iPhone/iTouch.

So what did Blackboard buy? They bought TerriblyClever whose

MobilEdu application lets users access a host of campus services on their iPhones or other mobile devices. Students can examine the course catalog, find out how the football team is faring, watch lectures on YouTube and navigate their way around campus using GPS.

That's great Blackboard, but please go fix your original application before you go out and expand your realm into other campus related services...
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