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Apple IIgs OS 6.0.2!

Well, it's been a long time (22 years and counting to be more precise), but it seems that someone has patches the Apple IIgs OS, which reminds one of the original Mac System UI to System 6.0.2.  You can read more about  this update on A.P.P.L.E.'s website. As much as I loved the Apple IIgs OS, I am surprised that people still use it. Then again, I still have my Apple Newton 2100 and there is still an active community around that platform, with people who've patched the OS for the Y2K14 bug (or whatever the Y2Kxx bug was).

I remember, back in High School we learned to program BASIC on Apple IIgs computers.  The diskettes that they provided us with  were formatted for ProDOS, and ProDOS is what the school supported, however I was able to find the Apple IIgs OS somewhere (don't remember where) and I felt like a hotshot booting into a UI environment while everyone else was just using DOS ;-).  In retrospect I am probably the only person that cared. :-)

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