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I never owned a Playstation 1, but I did have a friend who did back then. Back then I was also more into platform games like Super Mario, or beat-em-ups like Street Fighter, not so much into the survival horror game genre.  I did own Alone in the Dark for my Mac, which I now realize was a survival horror game ;-)

In any case, having played the demo of Resident Evil 5 on my xbox, and having listened to the Retronauts podcast during their movie month where they were comparing the Resident Evil movie (which I liked) with the game (apparently very few things were the same), I decided to get the Original Resident Evil (director's cut) as a PS1 classic download on my PSP. What-the-heck, I thought to myself, might as well try it out.

Having not played any games of that era on an actual playstation, the change of graphics quality required a little getting used to, but in the end it wasn't that bad.  The controls were something that had a learning curve as well (having played newer games on the PSP and the XBox and having a certain set of expectations did not help).  Once I realized that Resident Evil was more like Alone in the Dark in terms of game play, I fared much better - but the game is hard.  I was able to take care of some slow moving zombies, but I've come to a corridor where those red mutant dogs attack you...and it's not ending well :-)

I wonder if I'll get sick of this game and give up, or if I will slog through the end. Time will tell.
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