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Battlefield 2: Bad Company | Done!

Well, in addition to having lots of extra time to do homework for my EDDE 802 Advanced Research Methods course I've also had a little more time for gaming, given that Massachusetts has been pounded by snow, snow, and more snow over the past 3 weeks.  Back in the Fall, when I had xbox live for free for a few months I got Battlefield 2: Bad Company for free.  I had been resistant to even getting into the Battlefield line of games because one look at the series tells me that these things are potentially all tied together and I would be missing plot lines if I just jumped into one game.  That said, since this game was free, I said "what the heck" and decided to give it a try.

The game starts off with a team called Bad Company during World War 2, in one of the pacific islands occupied by Japan.  The Japanese have some sort of uber-weapon and Bad Company tries to go get it.  They failed, and the weapon was lost - so flash forward to today.  The Russians have the game, so the newest members of Bad Company are sent, on what ultimately turns out to be a quest to get this weapon.  The game was fun, fast paced, and the overall pace of the game reminded me of the Call of Duty games that I had played before.  The game, just like CoD, was a little on the short side, but that's perhaps because I played it on regular difficulty and I breezed through it.  The story was good, and I was really hoping for a game that had a neat, bow-tie-wrapped, ending - in other words I was looking for a "they all lived happily ever after" and the sarge enjoyed retirement on some tropical island.  Well, that didn't happen, the Russian started invading at the end of the game - and that was it! No retirement for sarge! There isn't even a sequel to this game to wrap up the story! Argh!  From what I gathered this was a sequel to Battlefield Bad Company but I really didn't feel like I was missing something by not having played the original game. Nice work!

I think the game has replay value, but I probably won't be touching it again soon - need to get back to studying. As far as achievements go I got 24 out of 72 achievements (33%) - so not bad at all considering that this was almost like a speed-run!  I give the game 9/10!
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