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Video Game Fridays: Robocop (GB)

Another gameboy game that I got during my summer of Gameboy purchases in the early 90s was Robocop for the Gameboy. I had recently seen the movie and wanted a piece of the Robocop pie. I thought the game would be as engaging at the movie - wrong!

In the game you play Robocop (d'uh!) going around shooting criminals. Your regular gun gives you unlimited ammunition, while special guns that you pick up throughout the game give you limited rounds of higher powered weapons.

The plot, as far as I remember, was not bad, but the game play was. Robocop was stiff, kinda like Simon Belmont in Castlevania, and about the only way to clear the stages was to memorize where the enemies come out, and proceed through stages with guns blazing, rapid fire style.

I don't think I ever finished the game. I think I got bored of losing after a certain spot. Even for nostalgia purposes I don't think I would spend that much time with this game.

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