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Adieu Library Books!

I can't believe I missed this bit of news last February!  I was checking to see if there are any updates to one of my favorite applications - library books - when I saw a note from the author that the software would not longer be updated.  Too bad, because this was quite a useful application, both on the Mac originally, and then on iOS.  This app allowed you to log into your local academic of public library with your account and it would let you know when books were due back and when they were ready for pickup.

Maybe for most people this isn't generally an issue, but for a student, who tends to check out a lot of library books at the same time, this little utility was indispensable!  I will still keep it on my iPad, and I will download the app from the appstore now that it is free, and I will keep using it as long as it works.  I guess one of my claims to fame is that when I worked at the Healey Library, in my role as manager in the IT department, I contacted Harold to see what sort of info he needed to make his app interoperable with our system (Voyager).  Within a week there was a beta out with support for our library - pretty cool!  Since Harold is no longer updating the app (hard to believe it's been 10 years!) I really wish that some industrious librarian would take over this project and keep updating it.  This app is a must for any heavy user (or forgetful user) of any library :)
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