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Halo 3: ODST | Done!

Once I completed Halo: Reach I decided to play through Halo 3: OSDT, just to keep the story in that Universe going (plus I was really engrossed in the mythology of Halo).  The game was rated for 4 hours of play, which means that I must really stink because it took me several days of playing this game in order to complete it ;-)

Initially I was a little put off that the game only took place in New Mombassa, but the game was actually quite impressive, especially with the use of its story telling techniques! ODST kept me engaged in the game  - even though I really, really hated seeing certain old familiar enemies who are particularly a pain to beat.

Spoiler: I was actually wondering if my main character would die in the end, like Noble 6 (and the entirety of Noble Team) did at the end of Reach.  I was really happy that no one from the team perished at the end of this game. Since this game took place right before Halo 3, I am wondering if this team of ODSTs will be seen again in some other game.

As far as achievements go, I managed to grab 20 out of 47 achievements (not bad). There are a number of 5-point achievements for killing enemies with specific weapons in specific stages in specific ways. M'eh.  If I had time and meraki (at the Greek say), I would bother with these (I could probably get 5-6 more achievements), but considering that I have more unfinished games to play, better focus on plot than 'chivies.

I am looking forward to getting Halo: CE and Halo 2 (I wish there were a remastered version of this one as well) and Halo 4. :-)
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