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Copy-to-hard drive fail...

The weekend before last I decided to use my massive hard drive to its full potential, and also clean up some of my living room by copying over my xbox games from disc to hard drive.  I thought that by copying the games to disc would just allow me to run them from the hard drive, instead of the game disc, and I would be able to file my games away so that they are not in the way. It took several hours to get the games copied over, but it was finally done.

Fast forward to this weekend. I fire up my xbox, go into the games menu and decide to play some Gears of War...and it asked me for a disc.  WTF?! I had to go dig out the game disc to play a game that was on my hard drive. Major #fail.  In retrospect, I get that it is a piracy circumvention measure - if you copy the game to the HD, and it plays fine without a disc, why not sell the disc?  Well...I can see your point, but it's a pain in the rear!  Why not come up with some sort of token based system where anything copied to the hard drive has an expiring token that indicates that the user has a disc and every so many game plays (let's say 10) the user needs to insert a disc to verify that they still have the game. 

Come on Microsoft, get your act together :-)
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