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End of the iPad experiment

OK, so the two week loan of the iPad has come to an end. What have we learned? Quite a lot actually! I think the phrase that sums it up is this: "it's a nice device to mess around with, but not nice enough to buy because you can't easily produce on it"

Now of course your milage may vary but this is what I found:

First of all the lack of a Greek keyboard was really inconvenient. Also not being able to access my Greek contacts was a major inconvenience when trying to mail people. This is something that will probably be fixed with an upcoming OS release so no biggie there.

The screen was too shiny in direct and indirect sunlight. When trying to read a book on the commuter rail I constantly kept seeing my reflection (nice feature if you are a vain smurf, but not so nice when trying to read). Despite the reflection issue I managed to complete a short 150 page book.

Feedler was actually a pretty nice RSS app, and blogpress is actually pretty cool on the iPhone (props for making it a universal app and not making us pay again for it, like the folks over at beejive).

Editing google docs was a bit of an issue. I saw that there were some apps that do the job, but seeing that I don't own the iPad, spending $25 to buy two apps to test them out seemed a little pricey. From the reviews neither one is a clear winner just yet.

Finally, mobile safari is lacking one key feature: apple-f (aka find in page). Using the ipad to search for info on the web would be easier if I had this ability.

All things considered it's not a bad product, it's just very "1.0" and it's geared more toward passive consumption of information and content rather than allowing people to create on it, a limitation which us a little artificial. I can really imagine RapidWeaver in this device!

- Posted using BlogPress from my experimental iPad
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