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I don't look like an albino!

I know, it's a bizarre statement to make! This morning I got the proofs of the photographs taken of me at last week's graduation. The last time I attended graduation to receive my MSIT degree, when I got the proofs I looked sickly! The photographers had photoshoped corrected the photos to suck a degree that my skin looked like I had been abusing skin whitening cremes for decades. Of course I opted to not order those photos.

This morning, seeing that those same people were taking photos at this graduation as well, I thought that I would see some sort of weird ghostly image of myself in my inbox like I did last time, but much to my surprise the images were actually not half bad!

Am I going to buy graduation photos? Well, with each individual print costing $6 and packages going for a minimum of $35 each - the answer is "no", I have better things to do with my hard earned cash :-) Thank you though for not making me look sickly ;-)
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