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Facebook frustration!

For a while now I have been exporting my contact information from LinkedIn (in vCard format) and I have been importing this information into my MacOS X addressbook, which for all intents and purposes is my main repository of contact information. LinkedIn makes it easy. One vCard download, import into addresbook, and voila! There is your information, which can be easily synched with Google contacts, Yahoo contacts, my phone, my PDA, DotMac, heck even Plaxo with Plaxo’s plug-in.

Recently I have been discovering a lot of old friends on facebook, people who are now on my Friend’s list. I spent some time looking around facebook to see if there is a way to download vCard files of my friends (for easier access), but there is none.

Thus the only way to get all this info is go to through my 200 friends, family and acquaintances and manually get all their info (phones, AIM, email, and so on)… I wish there were a plug-in that created a group in your addressbook called ‘facebook’, and the contact information in that group were automatically updated with all the current information of your facebook contacts. For that matter, I wish that LinkedIn offered that functionality too ;-)
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