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Made it to Commander!

I've been playing Star Trek Online now (tempted to go for lifetime membership, but not sure I want to spend the money), and this weekend I made it up one more rank to Commander (level 20 character) which not only gives me a new ship (went with an Akira class escort this time), but also unlocks the Klingon missions too!  I think I will leave the Klingon missions alone for now until I level up to Admiral on the federation side of things :-)

In any case, to get to my current level I finished Episode 1 (the Klingon Front) and I have to say that the most frustrating mission was the Doomsday Machine.  Early on in the mission you have to disable a bird of pray, and destroy its escort.  Well, I had jacked up the difficulty so that the bird of pray was a challenge, but the destroyer was impossible! Thus, when I disabled the bird of pray I boarded it and continued the mission without destroying the escort. I went all the way to the end of the mission and the mission failed to resolve. WTF? I lost an hour of my life playing that mission and nothing happened...other than being asked to play it again.  I did so 4 more times with the same result, failure to get the credit for the mission.  What the heck was going on?

Well, I bumped the difficulty back down to normal and destroyed the damned escort cruiser and complete the mission for a 6th time and then it let me complete the mission and get the exprience points.  Bad game design!  There ought to be gamer feedback to let them know that they need to complete all objectives of the mission in order to complete it.

That said, it's all behind me now, and I am looking forward to making captain ;-)
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