v6.2.3 - moving along, a point increase at a time

Winter Wonderland is here!

One of my favorite seasonal STO events is here: Q's winter wonderland - where mischievous Q transports you to a...ermmm...winter wonderland...complete with winter events, winter clothing, and a new limited edition ship that you can claim.

The Kramp'Ihr

This year's addition to the game is the Kramp'Ihr - melding human winter-time monsters like the Krampus with Klingon undead (the Fekh'Ihr).  It seems rather fun as an event and it's funny to be blasting away with oversized toys at this broom wielding Christmas demon.  The ship this year is the last of the T5 --> T6 upgrades for the Breen ships we had gotten in years past.  I wonder if at this point we've exhausted the Breen, in terms of their ships, or if we'll see a few more Breen ships before we switch to another cold-climate start trek species.

This year's ranged weapon

Finally, after a few years of not caring, and a few years of giving up on this accolade, I ended up earning the Holiday Chef accolade.  I bought some of the rarer recipes off the exchange since I've farmed enough energy credits to do so. It only took me 4 years to get this, but my accolade hunt is moving along nicely.

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