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Star Trek Online: Season 13 - Escalation

Escalation hit the interwebs last week, and having played a bit this weekend it's not bad!  The Smoke & Mirrors mission reminded me a little of Star Wars (the aesthetic), and a little bit of Captain Planet (the "don't mess up your planet by polluting, Kids!)

I played a bit in the competitive warzone queues and the space one is definitely my favorite or the two. The ground missions (invisible platforms) just enraged me a bit.  Maybe once I cool down a bit I can go back to it and try it again.  On a first-run for the day (where you get extra marks) I ended up getting an average of 120 marks, which really ain't bad. It keeps me grinding throughout the week on the reputation without the need to play daily. Although, the queue wait time for space is around 40 seconds, and at most it takes 10 minutes to complete, so it might be something to do in the mornings.

Looking forward to learning more about the story that is coming!

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