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Assassin's Creed III | Done!

Happy new year to all!

Just in time for the new year,  I completed Assassin's Creed III which I got as a Black Friday deal on Amazon this past Thanksgiving (warning: spoilers!). I put Red Dead Redemption on the side for this game and I have to say that I enjoyed it a lot! I had seen the previews where the main character (ancestor) was an Algonquin Indian, so I was quite surprised when I started playing as Haytham (and English person) - and much more surprised to find out that Haytham was a Templar...and he is related to the Miles!

So, it seems like everyone was complaining about the ending. Honestly, having watched so much scifi (especially Stargate) the ending didn't surprise me at all.  Basically there was this ancient race on earth that was wiped out by a massive solar flare that they wouldn't avoid. They built something like an arc that housed their knowledge and (some of?) their consciences. The goal was to help future inhabitants of earth to avoid this massive natural catastrophe.  But, of course, there were different ways of accomplishing this goal (this reminded me of Babylon 5 in a way) and the younger race picked a way forwards (thus the Templars and the Assassins). Could it have been better (i.e. more imaginative?)  Sure!, but it wasn't. It is good, for what it is, and I assume there will be more games in this series, so the avenue for more exploration is open.

As far as other game stats go:
  • 25/50 achievements unlocked
  • 490/1000 points
  • a little over 50% synchronization.
It's a bit disappointing that they didn't give out an achievement for synchronizing all points (those trees were a pain to climb sometimes!) and for clearing out all forts.  The naval battles were quite interesting!

Overall, I would say this game is a 8/10
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