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Shipyard spring clearning

With regular spring cleaning happening around here, I thought it would be a good opportunity to clean out the old shipyard of ships that I either rarely use in Star Trek Online, such as some free C-Store ships that I got as a promotion, or ships that I received earlier in the "career" of my captain that are just underpowered at the moment and can't really compete with end-game content.

U.S.S. Kourouta
From the Federation Side:
On the federation side I ended up decommissioning an Akira class escort ship named U.S.S. Kourouta.  I got this ship when I made commander I think.  I love the shape of the ship, I think it's one of my favorite Federation designs, but it simply cannot compete with end-game content.  The hull is too weak (20,000) and there aren't enough bridge officer slots, or console slots for that matter to make it worth it.  The set had the following setup in terms of consoles: Console tac icon.png 3 Console eng icon.png 1 Console sci icon.png 1. The last known configuration of this ship had the Breen Absolute Zero set. I guess there is a refit version of this ship that I can acquire later on if I want to.

Another federation ship that I was considering giving up was the Intrepid Class ship that I had, but I brought it out of mothballs to play the featured Surface Tension mission. The ship seemed to hold its own (granted the mission does have a lot of assists!), so I think I will hold off on decommissioning this ship for now.

From the Klingon side:
I.K.S. Mik'Ros
Once I got the Toj'Du fighter as part of one of the STO giveaways, I decided that it was time to give up the Toron Shuttle (I.K.S. Mik'Ros) which I had gotten as part of my "welcome to the Klingon side." I almost never really used this shuttle except for the few shuttle missions here and there, and it showed.  I never really added any rare sets on this thing, and the weaponry on it showed that I only really used it in the required, early season, shuttle missions.  Some basic stats for this shuttle, 6,000 in Hull Strength, 1,250 in original shields, 0.5 shield modified, two fore and two aft weapons, and one console of each kind. 5 Crew members, 1 bridge officer. One device slot and the ability to Jam Sensors.  I guess this shuttle won't be missed ;-)

The second ship I got rid of was the I.K.S. Cr'ete.  This was a Phalanx Science Vessel that I had acquired as part of a free giveaway during player appreciation days.  It's still in the C-Store if I wish to reclaim it, but having taken it out for a spin, I saw that the hull (19,000) was rather weak and even with the Nukara Strikeforce Technologies Set that I had on it it was just too weak for end game missions.  This was the same problem faced with the Akira that I decommissioned as well.  I didn't think much of this ship, so having an open slot for a Mogh ship (once I buy up enough Zen) or actually commissioning the Science Destroyer that I have yet to unbox would be a better use of the ship slot.

From the Romulan Side:
Nothing to decommission on the Romulan side yet.  Although the Nova Class I got for free during one of the giveaways, that has not seen any action is a good contender for the next round of clean-ups.

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