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Still Sharing Items in Google Reader - Here's how

I was debating whether to write this in English or in Greek, considering that the original idea came to me in Greek after having listened to WeekendGeeks, but maybe in English more people will have a useful application for it.

It seems like I am not the only one that really dislikes Google's change in Google Reader.  Sure, it's old news by now, but that still doesn't mean that we have to like it.  I used to use Google Reader on my desktop every day, that way I could keep up with my RSS feeds and share interesting things throughout the day.  Now, with Google's +1 and lack of "share item", not so much.  The reason I don't like +1 is that I often don't go to Google+ to see what my acquaintances are sharing, and it would require some rework of my website.  Currently I take the RSS feed of my shared items list and I republish it on my website - this would require some work to take my old shared items, make them +1s and then share that feed...kind of a pain.

Well, there is a way around it.  Using a Google Reader client on my iPhone and iPad, like ByLine (pictured below), I am able to share items, and share items with notes. This stuff goes to my Google Shared RSS list (yes! it still works!) which I can then republish. If people shared this way I would also be able to see their shared items in the "Following" folder that Google has in Google Reader (well, at least it shows up in byline).  So, there is a way to share items, and see what your friends have shared - the caveat is that you can only follow people you were following BEFORE Google made the switch.

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