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To be certified, or not to be certified...

I've been thinking about certification lately. You know, the kind of certification bestowed upon you by a professional organization like ICIA, ASTD or the PMI to name a few.

Many of my classmates have been certified, or are in the process of getting their certification, and they all swear by it. Having been certified by ICIA, I kind of wonder the relative value of certification. Now in order to get certified I needed to know a body of knowledge, I took a test, and I passed. I also had to abide by a professional code of ethics.

That's all good because I knew my stuff and I agreed with the code of ethics. The problem was that I really didn't see any monetary benefit from being certified, and I needed to keep renewing my certification by taking continuing education classes and filling out the paperwork, and paying a fee for renewal of my certification. This is the case with most certifications out there.

Looking at the job market, even for the coveted PMP and Six Sigma (after all my background is in management), I still don't see that many jobs that require these certifications. A recent statistic I saw quoted something like 6.5% of project manager job opening requiring PMP certification.

If experience is what matters in a job, and you need experience to get these certifications, why would one spend the time and money to get and keep renewing a certification if there isn't a monetary benefit?

Now I know that there are two benefits: you are part of an association, and that has its perks such as job boards, and continuing education to keep your skills current. The second benefit is that when someone sees that PMP, CTS, CISA (or whatever acronym) after your name, it's like an unspoken bond, that you've both gone through boot camp together, survived it and now you're brothers. OK, that's good I suppose, but as Cuba Gooding said in Jerry Mcguire "show me the money"

Do others have views on certification? I'm interested in hearing them :-)
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