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Would you like a Latte with your Occupy?

Free Lodging?
Perhaps voting Republican on Super Tuesday has rubbed off on me giving me a "get off my lawn" attitude, or perhaps it's the ineffectiveness of Occupy UMass Boston that's just getting to me.  Don't get me wrong, I support affordable education for everyone, especially at State Schools like UMass Boston, and I support affordable textbooks and an equal opportunity for everyone - but it seems to me that the Occupy UMass Boston Movement has become less of a protest and more of a free lodging venue.

I was walking out of the cafeteria the other day, where the Occupy tents are setup (4 of them) and I noticed chairs, coffee makers, people playing chess, or going out for a cigarette and hacky sack. It seems to me that the Occupy Movement has become LESS about protesting the insane increases in our public higher education system and more about free amenities: free wifi, free sofas, free heating, free water, bathroom facilities cleaned up by other people.  At least the Occupy Boston movement froze their butts off, they protested and they were a thorn on other people's sides - the message got out.  What OUMB has become is a place for free lodging.  In the original picture bellow you at least saw an information table (and no living room furniture or coffee makers). All I can say is #fail.

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