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IPad: the mid point review

So, it's the mid point in my time that I have the iPad on loan from the department. Initial thoughts are a bit mixed. I have to say that the large screen makes for some pretty nice couch browsing while watching TV. The keyboard isn't that horrible to use (it's no physical keyboard but it works). I can't really tell if I am fasted on the iPad or on the iPhone in terms of typing.

One of the major issues with the iPad I have at the moment is iOS 3.x, for some reason the iPad does not support Greek. There is no Greek localization (minor issue) and there is not Greek keyboard (major issue). I tried synchronizing my MobileMe account and I realized that my address book contacts that are in Greek did not come down to the device. If they did download from the cloud, they were not visible in my address book. So no input method for Greek and no way to view important content in Greek. Major fail!

On the plus side, there are some pretty cool applications that I've enjoyed using the past week. These applications include flipboard, netflix, weather station, hellotxt and obviously blogpress. There is of course the addiction called God Finger (farmville like distraction).

Next week, the final word on the iPad.

- Posted from an iPad
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