v6.2.3 - moving along, a point increase at a time

Made Rear Admiral!

OK, so this past weekend I made Rear Admiral (lower half).  I suppose that by next weekend I will make Rear Admiral upper half the way I am going.  I am actually quite surprised at how quickly I am leveling up!  It seems as though the number of experience points required to reach higher levels is linear and not exponential in nature. Oh well, I am not complaining ;-) I just wish I had more bridge officer slots so I could actually utilize the bridge officers I have already been awarded.

One thing I discovered are the bridge officer dury assignments, which seem similar to Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. The first few I botched and epically failed in. Once I got the hang of it, I've only had success in them.  Not bad!

I was thinking about one thing while playing this past weekend, and discovering the duty officer missions: iPad and iPhone clients for second screen duty roster checking and assignments! No need for a PC to log into your account to check in on duty officer assignments, why not have a mobile client that allows you to check in on your duty officer assignments and assign them new tasks once they are done?  Also, why not use this mobile client to customize your avatar (like you can in the xbox live app for iOS) and use it as a way to get your ship from sector to sector. Nothing stinks more than waiting for your ship to travel expanses of space so you can begin a mission.  Why not do this while you're on the train, and when you get home, you're in the right system to start a mission. - Just a thought :-)
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