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Wii U - is it weird or just me?

Alright, so Part II of my E3 observations... the Wii U (Wii University?!?!?!) Now, it is me, or is this contraption just weird? Now, to be fair I did think that the original Wii was a bit weird having a controller schema that was so unlike previous joypad schemas - and in the end, having used a Wii at my brother's place, I didn't find it all that bad.  The Wii U sort of reminds me a bit of the Dreamcast's memory unit where you could save your game and level up your character in some games when away from your console.  This console could be good, but it seems like the handheld unit cannot be used away from the device itself.  I do wonder if the DS and the Wii lines will merge or be more closely interoperable in the future.

All things considered, I'd give Wii U a try, despite it's silly name and the oddness of the controller.  I wonder if this controller will allow you to more easily play gamecube games.

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