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My first MMO: Star Trek Online

So, I guess I can’t claim that I am not playing an MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) game any lo1345222699275nger.  I must confess, it was all a matter of the right theme, and the right price in order to get me to play an MMO game. 

World of Warcraft as a theme didn’t do it for me, and the subscription wasn’t really to my liking (considering that given my luck, whenever I pay for a subscription, I almost never make full use of it!)

In any case, when Star Trek Online went to a freemium model and I could play for free, and after having been in Games MOOC where there were a couple of players on there that talked about the game, I decided to install it on Windows (no Mac version yet) and give it a try this past weekend. Man, what a time sink!  OK, sure, I’ve spend more hours trying to get to the next level of Halo, or Castlevania (my most recent game) on my Xbox, but  I havent’ spent this much time on a computer game in ages!

The game takes place in the post DS9 timeline, and right after the “future” events of the most recent Star Trek Movie where the two Romulan planets (Romulus and Remus) destruct. Given this chaos in the Romulan empire, the Klingons decide that they are going to take advantage of the situation and expand their colonies.  Part of the Klingon Empire (or group anyway) are the Naussicans, Orions and Gorn (I am probably missing a few races in there).

I opted to play as a federation person, Male Andorian to be more precise.  If there is ever another Trek TV series set in the future, it needs Andorians Winking smile.  After about 4 hours of play I got promoted to Lieutenant Second Grade (So I guess my total level is Level 3?).  I guess it will take a while to max out at Level 50 and make Rear Admiral Smile

Some things I have yet to figure out: Do I have points to use on leveling up my skills? If so, how do I use them? Do I have to be a paid member to buy myself a ship at some point or not?  While I like my current ship, I really would love to get an Enterprise E or a Defiant Class ship Smile
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